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A true celebrity among French aperitifs, Suze owes its renown to two key advantages: an aroma of wild gentian distilling a delicately bitter taste and a slender bottle, designed at the end of the 19th century by Henri Porte. Having become very popular as the result of many advertising sagas, Suze is now the 5th aperitif brand in France

* source : IWSR 2005.

The « Suze » Saga
  • 1885: At this time, the vast majority of aperitifs available were wine-based. A distillery owner, Fernand Moureaux, invented an aperitif drink made by distilling gentian roots.
  • 1889: The drink was named Suze: the brand was officially created.
  • 1896: Fernand Moureaux's associate, Henri Porte, created an amber bottle specially for the aperitif.
  • 1912: The artist Picasso honoured the drink in a collage entitled "Glass and bottle of Suze".
  • 1922: The Suze distillery was created.
    In parallel, Fernand Moureaux ran the first advertising campaigns for the brand. Each village of France had a "Suze" billboard.
  • 1965: The Suze brand was bought by Pernod.
  • 1974: The promotional saga "Suze l'inimitable" (Suze the inimitable) was launched in cinemas and on TV.
  • 1999: A new advertising campaign was developed around the slogan "Suze se distingue" (Suze stands out).
  • 2008 : After nearly 120 years of existence, the "bottle tie" gives way to a bottle more modern and more qualitative. The tie is now engraved, echoing the engraving "Suze" on the bottom of the bottle.
  • 2009 : For its 120 years, Suze tribute to Gustave Eiffel with a limited edition bottle of pure white and bright coated metal armatures of the iconic Eiffel style. A style that is found to station concourse from the production site of Susa Thuir located and built in part by Gustave Eiffel workshops.

The origin of the name "Suze" is disputed. According to the first theory, it was named after Fernand Moureaux's sister-in-law, whose name was Suzanne and who loved the aperitif. Second theory: the drink was named after a little river in Switzerland, one of the first countries to adopt the drink.


The designer bottle collection

2001: "Suze 021" by couturier Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, an orange-silver bottle in an orange presentation bag.
2002: "Suze Lacroix" by couturier Christian Lacroix, a bottle inspired by his 2002 spring-summer collections.
2003: "Suze Lacroix," by Christian Lacroix, a bottle inspired by a jewel.
2004: a lacquered, screen printed bottle by designer Sonia Rykiel.
2005: a bottle created by couturier Paco Rabanne, with reference to his famous metal dress.
2006: a screen printed bottle by Thierry Mugler, clad with a distinctive sparkling star from the stylist's graphic universe.
2007: a bottle created by Gaspard Yurkievich
2008 : Alexis Mabille signed this new creation playful, elegant and offbeat.

The aroma of wild gentian
Known as the "Golden queen of the snow", gentian grows on the mountainous massifs of the Jura and the Auvergne.
Half of the Suze aromatic base consists of wild gentian roots. The flavour of the gentian infusions is enhanced by aromatic plant extracts, obtained by maceration.
This base, obtained using traditional methods, is then used as an ingredient for the final product: Suze.

An excellent aperitif drink, Suze can be drunk neat, on ice or diluted with orange juice, tonic or Crème de Cassis.
Before going out, in mid-evening or later at night, Suze is great mixed with tonic or orange juice. It is also a "must" for cocktails.
Suze is also achieving a certain success internationally, with different drinking modes. In Switzerland, it is mixed with cola. In Japan, the long drinks Suze ginger ale and Suze orange are much appreciated by young Japanese women.


Cocktail Suze Couture
  • Couture
    - 1 measure of Suze
    - 1 measure of spring water
    - 2 dashes of violet cordial
    - 2 or 3 ice cubes
Cocktail Suze Tonique
  • Tonic
    - 1 measure of Suze
    - 2 measures of tonic
    - 2 or 3 ice cubes
Cocktail Suze Caliente
  • Caliente
    - 1 measure of Suze
    - 1 measure of banana nectar
    - 1 dash of grenadine
    - 1 dash of lemon juice
    - 2 or 3 ice cubes
Cocktail Suze Insolite
  • Insolite
    - 1 measure of Suze
    - 2 measures of orange juice
    - 1 measure of Crème de Cassis
    - 2 or 3 ice cubes
Cocktail Suze Extreme
  • Extreme
    - 1 measure of Suze
    - 1 measure of Seagram's Gin
    - Ice
Cocktail Suze Florida
  • Florida
    - 1 measure of Suze
    - 2 measures of pink grapefruit juice
    - 1 dash of cane syrup
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