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In 5th* position on the new liqueurs market, Soho is an unusual drink naturally flavoured with exotic fruit, with an alcohol content of 21°.
Available in three flavours, lychee, starfruit and guava, this fresh, delicious liqueur reveals the delicate, aromatic flavours of modern Asia.
An invitation to take a trip to the far reaches of Asia.
*source IWSR 2006


Bouteille de Soho Litchi Soho Lychee

The subtle flavour of Lychee
Launched in 1989 in bars and discothèques, then in 1991 in Retail Distribution, Soho Lychee has revolutionised the liqueur range with its original taste based on lychees. This fruit originating from tropical Asia, with its delicate, white and very fragrant flesh, reveals a flavour that is both fresh and sweet, inspired by oriental aromas.
Bouteille de Soho Starfruit Soho Starfruit

The acidulated flavours of the Starfruit
Building on the success of Soho Lychee, Soho Starfruit was launched in November 2005. With natural flavourings of starfruit enriched with honey, citrus fruit and spices, this liqueur delights with its unique, slightly acidulated taste.

Bouteille de Soho Goyave Soho Guava

The gourmet flavour of Guava
The latest addition to the Soho range, launched in December 2006, Soho Guava takes its aromatic flavours from Asian soil. Made from pink guava fruit from Malaysia, this new, cutting edge liqueur offers an original, slightly acidulated taste

Soho can be drunk neat, for real tasting pleasure, or enjoyed as a long drink, its delicate flavours lending themselves perfectly to fruit juices and other mixers. A "must" for making cocktails or shots, Soho constantly reveals exotic notes.
 Soho Lychee, an original and sweet taste.
 Soho Starfruit, a subtle blend of starfruit, honey, citrus fruit and spices.
 Soho Guava, sun-soaked tropical fruit

Soho Lychee
    Cocktail Dita Pamplemousse
  • The Peking caterpillar
    - 1/3 Soho Lychee
    - 2/3 red fruit juice

  • So Cool
    - 1/3 Soho Lychee
    - 2/3 orange juice
    - 1 slice of lemonn
  • So Trendy
    - 2/3 Soho Lychee,
    - 1/3 Seagram's Vodka

  • So Great
    - 3/10 Soho Lychee
    - 4/10 pineapple juice
    - 2/10 Seagram's Vodka
    - 1/10 lime
Soho Starfruit
    Cocktail Dita Pamplemousse
  • Imperial Catapult
    - 1/3 Soho Starfruit
    - 2/3 apple juice

  • So Nice
    - 2/10 Soho Starfruit
    - 3/10 Havana Club rum
    - 3/10 cranberry juice
    - 2/10 orange juice
  • So Good
    - 3/10 Soho Starfruit
    - 3/10 Seagram's Vodka
    - 4/10 apple juice

  • So Fresh
    - 3/5 Soho Starfruit
    - 2/5 lime
    - 1 dash of cherry liqueur
Soho Guava
    Cocktail Dita Pamplemousse
  • Dragon's Tongue
    - 1/3 Soho Guava
    - 2/3 lemonade
    - Grenadine cordial

  • So Asian
    - 1/3 Soho Guava
    - 2/3 lemonade
    - Lime juice
  • So Fun
    - 2/3 Soho Guava
    - 1/3 Havana Club rum

  • So Flashi
    - 3/5 Soho Guava
    - 1/5 Seagram's Vodka
    - 1/5 apricot juice
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