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is New Zealand's biggest-selling wine brand worldwide. It offers a range of high quality wines from vineyards in the regions of Marlborough, Gisborne and Hawke's Bay.

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The name Montana, meaning mountain, was first used by Yugoslavian immigrant Ivan Yukich for the wine he made in the Waitakere Ranges west of Auckland. He settled in the area in 1934, selling his first bottles 10 years later and extending his estate every year. In 1961 Ivan's sons set up their own company, Montana Wines Limited, and by the end of the 1960s they owned New Zealand's largest vineyard, in southern Auckland.

At the beginning the 1970s, their success led the company to extend its vineyards beyond Auckland: Gisborne then became the leading premium winemaking region. At the same time, grapes from the Marlborough region were first used in the blending of Montana wines. Marlborough has since become New Zealand's premier grape growing region. Its famous Malborough Sauvignon Blanc is considered to be the country's signature wine.

A favourable climate for high end wine production

Montana winegrowing methods combine traditional techniques and cutting edge technology to produce a range of elegant, distinctly fruity wines.

Montana has many vineyards across the country, enabling it to cultivate several grape varieties, taking advantage of the best characteristics of each region.

Marlborough offers a dry, temperate, sunny climate, with long cool nights, providing optimal conditions to support a slow ripening process, which gives the wine its distinctive flavour, intense and fruity with a hint of acidity.
Hawke's Bay is one of the sunniest regions in New Zealand, the fruit ripens easily and is packed with exquisite flavours. An exceptional location for Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties.

Most of the wine produced in the Montana Gisborne winery is Chardonnay. Since its first vintage in 1974, the winery has received some of the most prestigious awards for its wines, including the famous Montana Ormond Chardonnay.

The flavour of New Zealand

Serve Montana red wine at ambient temperature, which should be no higher than 18 °C.

And Montana white wines are best enjoyed chilled, but not too cold, or their aromatic subtlety will be lost.

Bouteille de vin Montana Pinot noir

Colour: ruby red
Bouquet: aromas of blackberries and black cherries, enhanced by a spicy note Tasting notes: cherry roundness, harmony with the acidity and structure of tannins. A wine that persists in the mouth, with a lingering note of aromatic plants. A complexity full of flavour.
Recommended for drinking young (max. 3 years).
Serving suggestions: this wine is good with white meat, and ideal with pasta or salads

Bouteille de vin Montana Sauvignon blanc

Colour: straw yellow colour with green tints
Bouquet: aroma of redcurrant with notes of pepper, capsicum, citrus fruit and tropical fruit
Tasting notes: well-rounded in the mouth. Intensity of fruit: redcurrant, notes of peach and passion fruit. A well-balanced wine reflecting fruit acidity and sweetness
Drink chilled, between 5 and 10°C.
Serving suggestions: fish and seafood. Also goes well with Mediterranean dishes (salads, etc.)


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